Rudolph Francis, Owner of Beacon Property Solutions

Rudolph Francis, Owner of Beacon Property Solutions

Beacon Property Solutions is a private real estate investment company, focused on generating positive cash flow through passive real estate investments. We emphasize income through a diverse portfolio of investments, including rentals, private funding and promissory notes.


Beacon Property Solutions supports the revitalization of Nashville’s urban neighborhoods as a means to improve quality of life, boost prosperity levels, and minimize the displacement of local residents.



Our story


During the market collapse of 2008, Beacon Property Solutions founder and sole owner, Rudolph Francis, worked to successfully prevent the foreclosure of his children’s properties, thereby acquiring considerable knowledge and expertise in managing both over-leveraged properties and the rehab of a “gutted” two-unit property purchased at the market peak.


And with the same focus and determination he had used to build a successful medical career for the past 39 years, earning his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Kansas, he then invested his time in learning to master the art of acquiring cash flow properties and promissory notes; and the funding of those transactions. In 2013, he created Beacon Property Solutions to help other real estate investors generate positive cash flow and build their long-term wealth.



Catering to the needs of real estate investors’ and busy individuals


Beacon Property Solutions helps investors to generate positive cash flow, all the while saving them valuable time in the process, and affording them greater peace of mind, so that they can recapture their time to pursue thier dreams and passion.


  • We provide the tools and resources that experienced real estate investors* need for their deals


  • We provide products to investors* looking for stable cash flow without stock market roller coaster risks


  • You will be working with experienced and trusted professionals


  • We will provide guidance and support throughout the entire process











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Beacon Property Solutions is a proud member of:

American Association of Private Lenders

*For investors with whom we have a pre-existing relationship