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Glossary & CalculatorsBeacon Property SolutionsAmortization tables are crucial planning tools in real estate investing. Use these tools and our glossary to make sense of your investments.

Why Nashville?

box4Invest in the U.S.’ new IT city! See all that Nashville’s real estate market has to offer investors.

Cash Flow & Seller Financing
image2NoteSchool advice on creating income and building wealth with performing and non-performing notes.

Why Bahamas?

Beacon Property SolutionsTap into 100,000 square miles of oceanfront properties at a fraction of what you would expect to pay in the U.S.



The Secrets of Transactional Funding
Beacon Property Solutions
While most investors are familiar with conventional financing, few understand the benefits of hard money loans and transactional funding.

Property Analysis Comparison
Beacon Property SolutionsDownload our FREE Property Analysis Comparison tool in interactive PDF format!